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At the Law Offices of Sherman M. Ellison our primary concern is you...our client. We know, through many years of successful experience, what works best when it comes to getting traffic tickets dismissed and reduced. We are quite proud of our 90% success rate, which we encourage you to examine by visiting our "Victory List." The Law Offices of Sherman M. Ellison is exclusively dedicated to traffic ticket defense, throughout California. This is all we do...and we do it well. Thank you for the consideration.
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Driving at a speed that is Not Safe for Conditions, due to weather, traffic, pedestrians, lighting, road conditions, et cetera.

However, the Use of Radar or Laser by a Police Officer is Illegal – unless a Valid Engineering and Traffic Survey is on file, which justifies the “Posted Speed” Limit.¬† Generally, these Traffic Surveys are inadequate and the cases are dismissed.

Maximum Speed Law — VC 22349(a) or VC 22356(b)
Driving on Freeway in excess of the Posted Maximum Speed Limit,
i.e., 55, 65 or 70 MPH.

Driving in Excess of 100 MPH — VC22348(b)

Driving on a street, freeway or highway in Excess of 100 MPH

Truck Speeding — VC 22406
Trucks [or vehicles towing a trailer] cannot drive at a speed
in excess 55 MPH